My family…

So in conjunction to my post last night, I finally got to go through all of the great shots that Ashlee was able to capture in the midst of my 2 yo’s chaos. Here are some of my favorites!

We started with the girls… They really were so good!

Fire hydrant fun! Whatever makes the boy happy…

See how busy he is… Just wanted to go! Oh and I had a cute sweater and tie for him that he absolutely refused to wear. You should have seen the tears and fit on that one!

My kiddos!

All of us…

My Haidyn!

This about sums up this crazy life we live in…

By this point we were done with the kids–just wanting a few mommy & daddy shots… And who would’ve known that the kids would have joined in on their free will. Not planned or instructed at all!

My love!

I sure do love him! He makes this all possible…

Thank you again Ashlee. Hopefully shooting my family wasn’t complete trauma for you! (wink, wink)

2 Responses to “My family…”

  1. Amy

    The fire hydrant and the one of Caleb hanging upside down are hilarious!

    Great shots though, especially considering the circumstances.

  2. Anonymous

    yall are so beautiful, and the ones of bub and his in laws are great! too 🙂 danielle

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