My girls: Sister by birth; best friends by choice!

Let me preface this post by saying that so many titles came to mind when trying to decide what to title it… The first one was: ‘I do have 3 kids, but my son was unruly’, then there was: ‘I do this for a living, but my own son had something else in mind’, and the list could go on and on, but I decided to just dedicate this post to my girls.

I’m so proud of them… They were such the perfect little models. Very patient during brother’s little spell… In case you don’t know, a fellow photographer and I swapped sessions today. Been planning for this for months actually and the time finally came. I have to say that Caleb has been a different character lately, so I should have seen it coming… He wanted absolutely nothing to do with our photo shoot. Didn’t like his tie, didn’t like his sweater, nothing. My girls did their thing though and that makes me a proud mommy!

Here are just some snaps I took while trying to not be too distracted by the way my son was acting.

My Maddie-Moo, going to be 8 in less than 2 months!

Miss Haidyn–so big!

I love how Haidyn is looking at Maddie here… She really looks up to her big sister!

Thank you C family for putting up with my crew. I’m still so embarrassed by the way my boy was acting… Who knows what got into him? I thought I had it all planned out perfectly (nap, lunch, etc.), but I guess he had other ideas!

Oh and I still haven’t gone through what Miss A took of my family… They’re still on hubby’s laptop. Can’t wait to see! Fingers crossed that my son cooperated in at least a few!

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  1. The Copeland Family


  2. Amy

    Cute pictures!

    Sorry the little man was not cooperating. So, did you not get family pics then?

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