Princess C is on the M-O-V-E!!

Recently I went to visit Miss C… She is the only girl (besides mommy) in their house of boys… 3 brothers and daddy! You might remember her newborn session back in January… Well, all her brothers have their pics taken at 8 months and it was Miss C’s turn.

She was definitely on the go… I think mommy and I put her back on the ‘spot’ many times! We were getting our exercise, that’s for sure… Afterwards, we headed to a spot you might remember from a recent post to get a few grand-daddy and grandkids pics and then some sibling shots.

Here she is… On the MOVE! Oh and I have to admit–this shot is a tad OOF (out of focus), but it was too cute of a moment to not share…

Princess C and her ‘Barkers’.

The new most requested ‘prop’! I guess I need to make some more–then there will be more colors!

Standing tall…

Sitting pretty!

In the basket again… Last time she was all curled up asleep–this time she was sitting (and standing!).

Isn’t this sweet… Such an innocent face, but I hear she can hang with the best of them (her brothers)!

Itsy, bitsy spider, crawled off the ‘spot’…

With grand-daddy… Their shirts say, ‘My Papa drives a Goldwing’. The only way to ride, I hear…

The kiddos!

Thank you L Family! I’ll be in touch soon…

2 Responses to “Princess C is on the M-O-V-E!!”

  1. Anonymous

    Great photos, Jill,,, but we drive cars and cattle,,,,, we ride horses and motorcycles. Did the 3 monkeys turn out?

  2. Jill Cornelius

    Whoops! I guess I need to catch up on the lingo if I'm gonna try to talk it…

    3 monkeys did turn out… Go to my website and you can see the proofs on the Client Proofing section. Password is Lazaro1009.

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