A more formal introduction… Meet my newest Senior 2010!

And as you already know from the last post… She is gorgeous and lived at (as her mom put it) ‘their little piece of heaven’. I enjoyed meeting you Miss C and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek! It was definitely hard selecting some favorites… There were so many!

There are lots of pics, so I’m going to let the pics to the talking…


Congrats Miss C on all your accomplishments!  I hope you have a great senior year.  I’ll be in touch when the rest are ready!

*PS Excuse any funkiness to this post… Blogger has made some updates and I’m still getting used to it.

2 Responses to “A more formal introduction… Meet my newest Senior 2010!”

  1. Leigh

    Hard to believe some of the shots- both the scenery and Callie look spectacular- Thank you for bringing out the beauty of my daughter and my home.

  2. Amy

    Their place does look dreamy! I bet you were in heaven! Love the pics, the chaps, the rusty… bus?, the slogan above the iron gate (whose dad are they riding for?) and that tree line along the road – beautiful! Looks like she is a true cowgirl! Great shots Jill.

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