Headshot or Snapshot? Either way, I love ’em!

I’m on a blogging high today! I am in catch-up mode actually preparing for our upcoming vacation… I figured I’d throw in a little personal post for fun because I find the busier I am with clients, the less I even get my camera out to capture those moments with my own kids. So the other day I broke out the camera and snapped a few of each of the kiddos. Somewhere along the line our kids ended up with blue eyes-blue eyes of all different shades… Crazy because mine are green and Kev’s are hazel, but we do have grandmothers on both sides with blue eyes, so it’s in the family!

So, I just thought I’d share a close-up of each kiddo. I can’t believe how big they’re getting. If you look close enough, you can see my reflection in their eyes… Especially Haidyn’s!

Miss Maddie–7.5 years old and soon-to-be 2nd grader! Her eyes have gotten darker over the years.

Miss Haidyn–almost 4.5 years old. I think she has the iciest blue eyes of the trio.

My little man, Caleb. Almost 2! One more month. I think he has the most striking blue of the three and the longest lashes actually. On the boy–of course!

So there you have it… Just thought I’d share a little bit of ‘us’ since I hadn’t lately. Be sure to scroll down though because I did post two more posts today from recent sessions.

3 Responses to “Headshot or Snapshot? Either way, I love ’em!”

  1. Julie Syvrud

    Hey, just looking at your blog today and realized GMTA! I just redid mine too in case you haven't seen it. How funny that we would do this at almost the exact same time. Had a bit of technical difficulty but it's worked out now. I like your changes!

  2. Jill Cornelius

    I was going to comment on yours earlier today when I noticed you had updated it, but no where to comment! I was feeling down yesterday evening about not being able to update my website this month like I planned so I went surfing on ILP's website board and found this post about Blogger 101 with all kind of tips on how to update them. So I figured, what the heck, I'll update the blog now and maybe do the website next month. Oh and someone had posted a free share on papers and this paper was the exact colors I had in my logo, so it was perfect. I love damask, but hadn't found one that I wanted that wasn't too similar to all the others I've seen people use. I want to add a drop down menu up top for the archives and then one for categories, but haven't gotten that far yet. Plus I haven't categorized my posts, so I'd have to go back and add that. Whew… This is long!

  3. The Copeland Family

    Beautiful kiddos, Jill…you could make some serious money 🙂

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