Spring Break has come and gone!

And I’m sad to say that I only took pictures on one day of our outings! Monday, we ventured to the zoo with the triplets, but I never took my camera out of the bag. Tuesday, we had lunch and went to the park with some friends. Wednesday, I photographed my sweet, new nephew as you can see in the previous post. Then Thursday, we went to the Dallas Aboretum to experience Dallas Blooms. It was beautiful! And a perfect day. And a day that I actually took my camera out!

So… Here are some of the moments I captured!

First, we have the girls… My girls and my cousin–so funny to say that when she’s the same age as my middle child.

The boys… Caleb and his cousin.

The little girls.

My big girl!

My girls again.

And my boy one more time. He ended up taking a nap at one point, so that was nice!

Then some scenery shots.

I’m game too if anyone wants to book a session here. It’s beautiful right now and it would be perfect before it got too hot out. Just shoot me an email or call me!

**Updated with zoo picture courtesy of my sister in law. Thanks A!

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  1. Amy

    Cute pics and beautiful scenery. I will send you the pic from the zoo of you and your kiddies if you want it.

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