Mr. C is 9 months!

Mr. C came back to see me yesterday… I can’t believe how much he is changing… He’s starting to look more like a little boy. I’m sure that by the next time I see him, he will be walking…

This is a big peek… I’d thought I’d share several since we did several different things.

We started out to get one with Big Sis and Lil Brother…

Then we did Mommy and Me!

His growth item…

Another growth item!

Some basket time… All the babies love this basket–no matter how old they are! I don’t remember where I got it, but I’m glad that I did…

Cute little booty! He’s standing and so close to walking…

Baby Blues!

You know how much 9 mos. olds love Cheerios? Well, I saw this idea somewhere and thought, this would be a great milestone prop for this age. He loved it! I think the funniest thing though was how Caleb cried when we threw away the ‘used’ Cheerios. He was so sad!

I think I’ll make a collage out of this series because there are so many cute captures!

We also did some of big sis for her birthday invitation, but I haven’t gotten to those yet… So stay tuned!

3 Responses to “Mr. C is 9 months!”

  1. Elizabeth

    Very cute!

  2. Dawn

    OMG ~ I cannot get over how beautiful those pictures are!! Those eyes!!

  3. Lynette

    love the blue jean one and the one cheerio…so funny… you tell julie s. to invite me to her blog…i cant see it anymore…thanks

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