OMG! Look at this cutie I got to photograph today!

This is literally a sneak of a sneak, but I couldn’t resist not editing at least one to share! His big sister is just as cute!

Oh and just a little plug… This is my new hat I made! I made a similar one, but in different colors, however, I gave it to my SIL who is due to have a baby next month… So keep your eyes open for that one because I’m sure we’ll use it at our shoot.

Okay, enough chatter–look at this cutie! Usually I do newborns about a week old or less, but this guy was almost 9 weeks… So I was pleasantly surprised when we got these sleeping pics!

Oh and if you will, leave me some love… My blog is feeling neglected these days!

Okay, I snuck in a little more time to do one more… Proud big sister!

6 Responses to “OMG! Look at this cutie I got to photograph today!”

  1. Marleen

    What a cutie!! You have such a fun job!

  2. The Copeland Family

    What a fun job you have…you capture awesome pictures, Jill!

  3. Les and Kimberly

    oh my gosh, he is so cute! baby c might be here before we know it and she wants him to hold off for another 3 1/2 wks, so we’ll see! That would put him technically a 1 1/2 wks early.

  4. mario

    Well being a proud grandfather of these two wonderful and beautiful children, the pics are great! You are a really good photographer and we will be using you for all our upcoming events and pictures!

  5. The Gillaspie Family

    oh man…a big sister picture…shame on audrey for not cooperating at our shoot!

  6. Jill Cornelius

    Thank you everyone! It was a great shoot. Such a sweet family!

    Kim–I read that update… It’s getting so close! And even closer if he comes early! Can’t wait.

    Grandfather–Thank you so much! You have great grandchildren.

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