Garage shoot!

This afternoon the kiddos and I got a little garage shoot underway so we could get some images for Maddie’s Valentine’s cards. I think the girls were loving modeling for me today! I actually haven’t taken many pictures of them lately… I guess between the holiday rush and then business picking back up, I don’t necessarily pick my camera up as much as I should for my own kiddos. Little man didn’t have his shoot though because I didn’t put his V-Day outfit on… Maybe in the next week I’ll do his…

Miss Maddie-Moo (Cannot believe how old she is getting & how old she is looking!)

Miss Haidy-Hoo (Miss Thang is going to be 4 this month!)

I did get this series of shots of the trio… I love their little expressions and how they each took turns looking at each other… The whole time I’m trying to get them to look at me and smile and this is what I got! I think maybe 2 of them all looking at me–either way, I love this series!

Well, thanks for looking! Maybe next week I’ll post what we came up with for Maddie’s card. Once it gets closer to when she’s going to pass them out so people don’t see them before the fact!

2 Responses to “Garage shoot!”

  1. Amy

    Cute cute cute!

  2. Les and Kimberly

    Those are great pics!!!! 😉

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