What a happy baby!

Seriously, this little guy is one of the happiest babies I’ve seen. Full of smiles–big, wide open mouth smiles. Love it! He’s one of my baby planners and this marked his 3rd session… The next one will be his one year! Wow! We tweaked his plan a bit with my new baby coming, so that means I’ll get to see him at 15-18 months too. Yay!

Doesn’t he have the best.smiles.ever? Mom said he is happy and smiley all the time! What a blessing! **Oh and a quick note… I edited these on a new laptop (just trying it out), so if the color looks a tad off, that’s the reason why. I’ll be editing the full session on my desktop, so no worries for further editing. Just playing with the laptop to see if I ever want to go that route.

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