Daily Archives: Thursday, August 4, 2011

Taylor… Senior 2012!

If you know me on Facebook you probably saw my recent pic with the temp showing 111 degrees outside… Well, that’s what we were starting with for Taylor’s Senior Session! I can’t believe how crazy these temps are right now, but they’re not stopping us… We’re just gonna work right on through them! And I… Read more »

Hot, hot, hot!

So, we all know how hot it’s been… Well, I met up with the L Family recently and the temperatures were not forgiving at all! Whew! I’ve known the L family for many years–we were actually pregnant together with our 2nd children. They were even born days apart! And now I’ll be joining her in… Read more »

So sweet…

Little Miss A is just the sweetest thing… She’s still so tiny–well, she has some chub on those lets, but at 4 months old, she’s pretty petite! Baby girl was just smiling away for us and then in no time, she was ready for her nap, so we snapped one of her sleeping before I… Read more »

Slow down Mr. W!

It was already time for his 9 month session… I feel like I just met him at his newborn! Love his chub, his sweet smile and his almost bald head. Hehe! We met early in the morning to combat this crazy heat and were able to finish up before we all got too hot. His… Read more »