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Baby Blues || Baby Photographer, Dallas Arboretum

Baby Kate is sibling #3 for the H Family and the 3rd baby planner for me from their family…  So blessed to be able to capture these moments for them.  Love watching their family grow, each baby reach new milestones and develop a friendship with each of them.  Who knew a job could be so… Read more »

What a Beautiful Day! || Family Photographer, Dallas Arboretum

You guys, Miss A is sitting!  And oh so pretty too…  Just look at those baby blues!  I’m sure momma has been thinking that we didn’t get much of anything–I’m sure that is common with most mommies that have kiddos close in age, but just wait…  We got some gems for sure!  I think my… Read more »

Park Time for the R Family || Family Photographer, Dallas, TX

So I haven’t shot here in a good while, so when the R Family wanted a beautiful location, close to their home with foilage, I knew just where I wanted to go.  And I absolutely love how the turned out.  Little Miss has changed so much too!  Wow–the last time I saw her, she was… Read more »

They change so much… || Baby Photographer, Dallas Arboretum

It’s always amazing to me how much a baby changes from their newborn session to the 4 month.  They’re twice as big usually, bright-eyed and smiling babies all the sudden.  Quite the difference from sleeping, eating babies at that newborn session.  These two girls are just gorgeous too.  It was the perfect day at the… Read more »

He Loved the Birds || Family Photographer, Rockwall, TX

Can’t believe I met this little guy just a little over a year ago.  And now is he walking, trying to talk and bird watching.  Hehe!  Let me tell you how much he loved the birds…  He loved them so much that his little finger couldn’t point at them fast enough.  So cute!  Enjoyed it… Read more »

10 Years and Counting… || Anniversary/Family Photoshoot, Rockwall, TX

Well, it’s almost 10 years and counting…  This couple is coming up on their 10 year anniversary and wanted to document it with a photoshoot because on that special day several years ago they didn’t get to have a full photoshoot.  I was honored she picked me to capture this special occasion!  I think I… Read more »

Blue is for Boy || Maternity Photographer, Richardson, TX

Imagine my excitement when I saw momma get out of her car rocking this blue dress for her maternity session.  Loved it!  And her perfect baby bump.  Baby boy is going to be my next baby planner!  Cannot wait to meet him.  If he looks anything like his parents, I will be ecstatic–those eyes, dark… Read more »

It’s Springtime in Texas || Baby & Child Photographer, Dallas Arboretum

This morning was the perfect morning to meet up with Miss Penny and her baby brother, Maverick…  Miss Penny is no stranger in front of my camera.  We have been capturing moments of her life since she was born and now it’s her brother’s turn.  And at The Dallas Arboretum of course!  Love that place–it… Read more »

Growing So Fast! || Baby Photographer, Dallas Arboretum

Let me start this by saying…  Dallas Arboretum, during Dallas Blooms, on the last day of Spring Break–whoa!  Craziness!  But sweet Kennedy was a smiley little one once she warmed up to her surroundings.  I took advantage of it and held her as much as I could between shooting–got my baby fix!  The Arboretum is… Read more »

Little Miracle Baby || Newborn Photographer, Rockwall, TX

This little guy was one of the older newborns that I have done…  You see, he was born a month ago, but spent most of that time in the NICU.  After a surgery, learning to eat and just getting stronger, he was able to come home about a week ago.  He was the cutest little… Read more »