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Email Woes

I’ve had several clients tell me they’re not getting my emails, only to find they’ve gone to their spam box. I’m not sure why that is happening, so if you’ve emailed me and not gotten a reply, please check your spam box. Or call me! Hopefully this will be resolved soon. Oh and I’m not… Read more »

Not just one, but two cuties!

I’m still going through these pics, but I thought I’d post a couple of the cuties I got to photograph this afternoon. Aren’t they precious? Aren’t they sweet? I’m sure mom gets asked all the time, but nope, they’re not identical. They sure had me confused a few times, but I was able to figure… Read more »

The 4-legged kind of clients…

I had a session this past weekend of a different kind of client… Horses! I’ve actually shot one of these horses before (last year actually), but now he has 2 new ‘girlfriends’. It’s really a great story… The girls have been adopted by Mister Rob’s owners. They were abused and now they’re going to be… Read more »

Up for the Challenge!

I’m always up for the challenge! My most recent session was with my nephew and his other cousins (not my kiddos). My brother called me beforehand to give me the info on my subjects… We had my nephew, who is almost 15 mos., Little Miss M who is almost 3, and Mr. C who is… Read more »

I love when they come back to see me!

I got to see some oldies, but goodies today! We ventured to the same park that my family went to last week. This is actually the session I was preparing for when we went to scope out the location. Just one for now! I am making myself turn off the computer now. I have to… Read more »

Ever been so tired?

She looks so sweet and comfy, doesn’t she? Until you back up and start to wonder, where is she? And you realize… That can’t be comfortable at all! Little story: Haidyn had fallen asleep on the couch for naptime (normal occurence) and I went to my bedroom to do some work. About an hour and… Read more »

They get it from their daddy…

So I was reading my sister-in-law’s blog earlier about her triplets’ well child visits and it reminded me that all my kids have been to the doctor this week and I have current weights on all of them. Since I don’t really use baby books, I thought I’d post them here for memory sake! You… Read more »

Did you guess the ‘E’ Siblings?

If so, then you got it right… That is Brother E and Sister E from the Girlies Session we had back in the spring. Without further hesitation, I bring you their sneak peek! It’s a big one, so sit back. Then I introduce their cousins! Group Shots Couple of fun ones! Thanks E Siblings and… Read more »

A day in the park!

Yesterday we headed to Richardson to check out a location I had booked for this coming week. Since I had never been there before I needed to find out when the best light would be and just exactly where the ‘waterfalls’ were. We ended up making a little family outing out of it. Be forewarned…… Read more »

As requested…

Be sure to scroll down to the ‘After the Rain’ post to see the before shots as requested by a reader. It’s kind of fun to see where a picture starts to compared to how you see it on here, so I thought I’d share!