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Someone is 7!!

I can’t believe it, but I have a 7 year old! It just doesn’t seem right… 7 years ago from yesterday, Kevin and I were bringing our first baby into our lives. Almost a 12 hour labor, oxygen for heartrate dips, having my bed turned almost upside down for my own dips, vaccuum to get… Read more »


Cuz Christmas will be here before we know it! And if you’re like me, you haven’t even started shopping yet! LOL! Just having a little fun. Hope everyone is having a great Christmas season!

Just an itch…

Oh my goodness… Just seeing these pictures makes me have the tiniest itch… Good thing my 15 mos. old is using my drawers to my night stand as steps to climb on my bed at this very moment! Keeps that itch to a very tiny one! Meet Mr. C! He was by far the easiest… Read more »

Been a while…

Gosh, a whole week and no blog posts! What in the world have I been doing? Actually, working my tail off! I’ve had a few sessions since then, but I’ve been working on everyone’s Christmas cards, so I just have one edited so far. I’ll try to be back with more from each of the… Read more »

Attempt #1

Do you ever have an idea that you want to do and then it all falls apart? Yep… Me too! I’ve had this plan to update our family pics with this certain setting, certain outfits and certain poses. Well, add in hour and a half drive, 15 mos. old that won’t stop and chilly, windy… Read more »

Wanna see more?

So I know they’re on pins and needles waiting for me to post a bigger sneak peek… SO here goes! There’s a lot, but for a big family, it’s kind of expected. Whew! That was a lot, huh? Well, if you think that’s a lot, just wait until I get your proofs ready… I don’t… Read more »

Do you see what I see?

I’m going a little out of order here, but earlier this week, I did a family shoot for a friend of mine from church. You’ll probably recognize them from their newborn shoot a few months back. They were back this time in hopes of a family picture for their Christmas card. Sometimes though, we realize… Read more »

We don’t play around over here…

Or should I say that we allow playing around? I’ll let you decide after you take a look at these pictures! I thought I’d take a break from proofing to show you how we encourage self-feeding in our house and the result of it! The tray after Caleb… Kind of reminds me of the pantry… Read more »

And the winner is…

Ding, ding, ding… Kimberly! For guessing the Triplets as to who I was meeting at the Waterfalls. Here are some of the favorites from their session. Can you find the random object in the first few pics that I forgot to clone out? This was one that I wanted to do and like how it… Read more »

More of the W Family…

I thought I’d share a few more from our session the other day with the W Family. We did the outdoors session at the waterfalls (I shared a pic of the two kids previously) and then we did an indoor session with the black backdrop. And as always, my blog readers are more than welcome… Read more »