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So I’ve been challenged or should I say motivated to update more often. It seems as if more and more people I know are blogging, so I figured I better step up to the plate and do my share. I’ve set 3 small goals to complete the month of March. Take Caleb’s 6 month pictures… Read more »

Finding the Light…

I recently noticed I get great light in my breakfast nook. So I was off to take some pictures just to see how great that light is! Caleb was almost 5 months in these pictures. This first one is a little dark, but the rest were brighter. I can’t remember if there was a cloud… Read more »

Something New…

So I’ve decided to start blogging. My goal for 2008 is to take more pictures and eventually grow my photography business. I also want to update my website with more recent images. So here I go! I hope you enjoy!

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Feel free to contact me either through my website:JC-Originals Photography Or emailing me directly at: Or by calling me at: 214-502-8612 **I look forward to hearing from you!