2016 || Engagement Photographer, Dallas, TX

“They’re going to the chapel and they’re going to get married”…  Are you singing it yet?  Less than a year to go and these two will be united as ONE.  Let me say, as much as I love photographing all the babies, it’s a sweet reprieve to photograph two consenting (and gorgeous) adults in a beautiful location.  You tend to snap a lot of shots and then be wondering what else you could do because you still have plenty of time and light!  So we did just that…  We did our main shoot and then ran to the bridge to get a few more shots for fun.  I like it!  I had never been there before, so it was neat to finally see it in person.  Congrats guys–and than you for choosing me to capture this exciting time in your life…  I’ll be waiting for that first announcement when a little one joins your family–<wink, wink>.  Just kidding–enjoy this time!

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