Rain isn’t gonna stop us! || Baby Photographer, Dallas Arboretum

Yep, you read that right…  It rained!  On the morning of our session, while we were driving there and while we were there!  But they had driven up from Houston this weekend for our session (and Miss G’s cousin’s birthday party), so it was our only opportunity to do her session.  I have to say in the long run, it was a successful session and we had fun!  We had to hide under porches and arbors for probably half the session, but we made the best of it and got some great shots!  Thank you Miss G and momma for sticking with it–I think it was worth the rain and (sweat from how muggy it was)!

DSC_3465 DSC_3471 DSC_3478 DSC_3485 DSC_3491 DSC_3497 DSC_3506 DSC_3515 DSC_3533 DSC_3539 DSC_3541 DSC_3545 DSC_3556 DSC_3569 DSC_3591 DSC_3598 DSC_3614 DSC_3636 DSC_3655

Isn’t she just adorable? And gorgeous momma too! Proud to call them my family–this is my cousin’s wife and baby. My oldest was their flower girl 9 years ago when they got married.

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