Not even 10 mos. yet…

The boy isn’t even 10 months yet (in a week) and he is everywhere! I can’t imagine what life with him will be as a toddler… and I thought my girls were active.

Let’s just break it down to what he’s done today…

  • pull all the shoes off the bottom two racks in my closet
  • take most the books off the bottom shelf of the bookshelf
  • emptied my bathroom cabinets (under the sink)
  • pulled everything off my nightstand
  • taken the play clothes out of the girls’ dresser
  • tried to unfold the towels I folded
  • gotten under the desk and tried to play with wires
  • almost forgot… learned how to flush the toilet

Gosh, I we haven’t even really been in the kitchen… Normally, in there he empties the pantry (when someone has left it open), empties the cabinet under the sink, and pulled all the pots and pans out.

Whew… I’m tired just posting that and my day isn’t over yet! Oh and forgot to mention that he tried to get the cat food while I was doing the laundry…

No pics uploaded yet to document, but I’ll try to add some later. As I’m typing this, he’s hanging on my leg since he’s done destroying the bathroom.

Better go!

5 Responses to “Not even 10 mos. yet…”

  1. Amy

    Girl! You NEED to baby proof the house! 🙂 Although some of the things you mentioned can’t be baby proofed. Kevin was a very active baby – maybe that is where he gets it from.

  2. Jill Cornelius

    That’s my guess… It’s all Kevin’s fault! LOL! We found the baby cabinet latches, but they’re not the ‘good’ kind so we’ve got to go get more. Kev’s in no hurry though since he’s not the one here all day. 🙂

  3. The Copeland Family

    Let me just say that boys and girls are SO DIFFERENT, that I have been journaling for a year now about how different Faith and Jax are in EVERY way possible…I think it will be funny one day to pull out the journal when they are married with their own kids 🙂

  4. Kimberly

    oh wow, he is VERY busy! definitely have your hands full with him all over the place…. 🙂

  5. Two Sisters

    Wow, Caleb! Will you teach me how to flush the toilet…that sounds like fun:).

    Your friend,
    Anna Claire

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