Itty Bitty Fireman || Newborn Photographer, Wylie, TX

I was so excited to get to photograph this family, especially when mom told me that dad was a Fireman and wanted to use his gear for some pics. Something I’ve never done! Then when I walked in the door and met big brother, it was even better. He was 2.5, but the sweetest little guy. Wanted to hug and kiss baby brother, talked to me the whole session–so cute!

Aren’t they handsome little boys? And I get to see them for 3 more sessions over the next year. Can’t wait!

2 Responses to “Itty Bitty Fireman || Newborn Photographer, Wylie, TX”

  1. Cindy Stephens

    Precious photos of 2 precious boys! I see so much of Cade in several of these photographs. It will be fun to watch them through this camera for the next year!
    Love these boys,

  2. Misty Swift

    A beautiful family with two very handsome boys. I agree with Grinna you can see lots of big brother in lil brother.

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