Love the colors, the light, the girls…

It was all so beautiful! Miss A is a recent baby planner graduate and it was so fun seeing her and big sis. I think they get prettier each time I see them!

Loved it! Thank you G Family for catching up with me again… It’s always an honor to capture these moments for you and everyone of my clients!

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  1. Glenda Davidson

    You take such amazing pictures. I love them all including the ones you have taken in the past. I have to say I think the girls do get prettier as time goes by but then they are my granddaughters!! Justin is my son and I think he’s cute also and of course our Leslee is a beautiful young woman. I am very proud of this little family.

    As it happens, I am trying to find a photographer for a 20th Anniversary celebration, mine and my husband. It’s going to be Saturday afternoon December 29th in the fellowship hall of our church in Garland. It is a celebration of our anniversary but also for the first time all our children, 4, and grandchildren, 7 will be here altogether. If you are interested, please let me know. My cell number is 214-728-2162. The email address is my work one so I can only be reached during the week on it. I hope you can help me. I am so excited about us all being together and it would be wonderful to have some of your beautiful pictures to remember our special day. Thanks, Glenda Davidson

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