Boys will be Boys!

Dialogue from an 8 month old…

So, I see we gotta do this picture thing again… together. Hmph…
Uh… what is he doing?
MOM! He’s touching me!
Please, don’t make me do this! Oh, what? Just one…
Hey, hey… that tickles…
K, take the picture now! I’m smiling…

So my plan the other day didn’t go so well to get a picture of both the boys together in their jeans and tummies showing! Mr. B had just gotten done taking quite a few and Mr. C had just woken up from his nap. Maybe next time…

Oh and excuse my conversions… we were losing the sun fast and my pics were not up to par… I had to convert them to ‘save’ them and I obviously didn’t convert them all the same. Oh well! It was some quick editing for a quick post!

3 Responses to “Boys will be Boys!”

  1. Amy

    So, how did you add the “give me some love” comment? And the other comment next to the comments on the main page “will you leave me some?”

    Hardly anybody ever replies on my blog anymore. I know a bagillion people read it, but only a hand full respond….just lurking I guess. Not very motivating to update them. 🙂

    Those are cute pictures! Maybe we can take some pics of the babies when I come out (hopefully this week). I am going to email you about that in a bit. It’ll be fun for both of us, I am sure and hopefully will break up our week!

  2. Ben, Jennifer, and Audrey

    Look how cute those turned out, Jill! Love the B&W! The bluebonnets are actually on the way to Firewheel. Rowlett Road, go right on Pleasant Valley, go less than 1 mile…bluebonnets are everywhere on the right side on a hill or you can go a little ways down where we went. In between two schools is a little field area. They’ll probably be fading fast, so you’ve got to go soon! It was a great spot b/c there’s no cars zooming by!

  3. ATMEGA8-16

    Hello,I love reading through your blog, I wanted to leave a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation. Wishing you the best of luck for all your blogging efforts.

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