Locks of Love…

Maddie has been wanting to cut her hair for quite some time now, but it has finally gotten long enough donate it. You can see how long it was in the group picture I took for our Christmas card at the top of the blog. I shared with her the meaning behind Locks of Love and she decided that she wanted to donate her hair so that other little girls that don’t have any hair can have some of hers.

I wish I would have documented the whole process… getting it washed, first cut, etc., but, well between watching it get done, holding Caleb, and making sure Haidyn didn’t get into anything, but I missed that opportunity. We did take these pictures once we got home.

Oh and here is the back … This was taken in the car right when we were leaving.

A side view , also taken in the car.

I think we will forever remember this selfless act that Maddie wanted to do. And I have to say her new ‘do’ turned out mighty cute! She loves it… She thinks it ‘feels’ CUTE!

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  1. Two Sisters

    You’ve been chatty too! I love when I check a blog and find a bunch of new pics and posts! Your kids are so cute. What a wonderful thing little miss Maddie did for another lucky little girl!

  2. The Farns

    Great shots. Really crisp and good colors. My favorite is the second one…it is sassy.

  3. Kimberly

    I love the haircut!!!! It was great to spend some time with y’all on Friday night; thanks for coming over and having dinner!!!!

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