The W Family (nope not the President)

Just a quick action to show you what your canvas should look like from our most recent session. We can do portrait like this or landscape… Just let me know.

I brightened it up a bit… I think it looks nice.

Oh and I also cloned out a few houses in the background to make them less distracting. I think it makes it a more appealing portrait to not have the houses in the background. What do you think? Let me know if there are any other changes that I may have missed. Also… it may look like it’s going to be cropped right by your feet and then not as much on the other side, but that’s just the effect of the canvas action I’m using. There will be equal amounts on the actual canvas.

Let me know if this will work and I’ll get it ordered for you. I’ve got to get a family picture taken of our family so I can have one made too. I think they turn out great!

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