A Sampling of Mr. A’s Announcement

I came up with a couple of announcements for Mr. A’s family to choose from. This is actually the one they didn’t choose. I didn’t want to spoil their surprise when they mail the actual one out. I truly love photographing little ones like this and then getting to create designs for them to share with their families and loved ones.


This card is a 5×7 postcard style. It can also be UV coated for protection and that wow factor. Oh and in the front the last name has been blurred for their safety.

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  1. The Farns

    What a great product. I personally won’t need it for a million years, but I will tell all my friends.

  2. Kimberly

    I added music to my blog – you’ll have to check it out. I already had a playlist account, so I just added the code to my blog. Thanks for telling me about that!!! I gave you credit for the music….. 🙂 Have a good day!

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