Such a gentleman…

Today, I got to meet the much awaited little man for this family… And he was just the perfect little gentleman. I got to try out a couple of my new hats too!

Meet Mr. B and his family (well, you’ve met the family before)…

See how sweet he is?

A tiny little smile!

He was OUT!

All curled up…

Little Man

Love this! Trying to do more environment shots–I told mom that it would be cool to have this pic printed and hung above this spot. Perfect place for it! Maybe in a canvas or in an ornate frame to bring out the detail in the table…

He definitely liked being all snug–He wasn’t letting me do ‘the pose’, but still adorable!

Thank you C family! Mr. B was a great little guy… Congrats and I look forward to watching him grow over this next year.

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  1. Anonymous

    I went to nursing school with mom! These pictures are so beautiful and just to sum it up…PERFECT. Thank you for sharing them with me.

    LanTonya Horton

  2. Tsetso Dobrev

    The one in the basket is so cute. Nice job!

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