He can’t be ONE already!

I’m still in awe–my first official baby planner is ONE! There is no way he can be one already… It was just the other day that I was ordering a special red & white knitted hat for my first baby planner that just happened to be due in December. And how he is one–having his first birthday party this weekend!

But not before spending a little time with me to capture how BIG he is… I honestly wondered how different he could look and even act after just seeing him 3 months ago and let me tell you–he seemed so big–and I’m not even his mommy!

Check him out for yourself!

Just a couple of his favorite things… Lion and dump truck!

See, look at him go–so big!

I love this one… Especially his little fingers pushing the buttons–even if I forgot to check the batteries before coming and the buttons didn’t work–he still pushed them!

Sitting so tall–love his many faces!

The chair was quite funny–he wanted DOWN, but didn’t quite know how.

And you can’t have a one year session without a cake smash!

Thank you G family for having me come into your home and capture Mr. C his first year! I enjoyed watching him grow and can’t wait to continue to see him grow. I look forward to our many sessions to come!

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