The last of the Christmas bunch…

A few days ago, I had the last of my holiday shoots… It was a fun shoot–3 kids all similar age gaps as my crew, so I could definitely relate to this mom. You might recognize this beautiful bunch from the Spring when I did baby sister’s newborn portraits. They are a stunning family and I was excited when she contacted me. This time, I got to meet dad too!

Here are some of my favs from the session–the weather was gorgeous! Definitely not common weather for November…

Who’d of thought we’d get a keeper within the first 5 minutes of our session? How great is this?
Where it all started!

Love the sky in this one and brother doing what he does best–being a monkey!

Yes, the stacked family is one of my favorite poses!

OMG! An all time fav–how beautiful is this light? Love it, love it, love it!

This one too!

I always like to include a b&w or two, but it was hard to pick one out since I loved the touch of red with black!

I think this is my fav family one! Just gorgeous…

Big sister!

The brother–love his eyes!

Baby sister!

One last one for good measure!

Thank you L family! You have a beautiful family and I enjoyed hanging out with you all. I’ll be in touch soon so we can get your card designed!

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