The waterfalls make their return…

Last year, the waterfalls were so popular! Seemed like I was going there every other weekend or so… Well, finally, this year I had a session there. So pretty! You forget how great of a spot it is until you go back! Yesterday I met up with the W family and all their families that extend off of the main one…

Everyone one is so fun and laid back! Let me tell you though–the waterfalls were hopping. I bet there were 4-5 other photographers out there with families. Looked like the outfit choice of the year was jeans and black too! I even ran into a friend of ours that is a photographer–Hi Cory! He needs a blog or a website or something–can’t link him to anything–but we all would like to see what you got too!

Okay, well on to my sneak. I’m sure this family is waiting! It’s a big one, so keep scrolling…

The parents…

A son and his family…

A daughter and her family (which happens to be my brother)!

Do you think we look alike? Everyone calls him a ‘boy-Jill’. LOL!

Another daughter…

One more daughter (and her son)…

The whole family!

The boys… Having some fun!

And the girls–doing their thing!

Thank you W family! I hope you enjoy your sneak–there are so many more! I’ll be in touch soon when the proofs are ready.

**Be sure to keep scrolling–several posts after another weekend full of shoots!

2 Responses to “The waterfalls make their return…”

  1. Anonymous

    Jill, I LOVE all the pics!! You did a great job, as usual. Thanks for being so patient and taking all of our picture requests. I absolutely adore the one of Casey and Brice!! Thanks again!!
    ~ Melanie

  2. Amy

    That's funny you say that about him looking like you… I actually thought one day when I saw a pic of Casey and Caleb that Caleb looks more like his boy that Brice. I think Brice looks more like Melanie. Isn't it funny how different people see things differently.

    Great pics – and the location brought back memories. Burrr!

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