Love my ‘L’ Family!

Mommy L is one of my closest and dearest friends, so getting to photograph their gorgeous family is always a pleasure! I mean, look at them… Who wouldn’t want to photograph them? We met bright and early this morning at their house for some family shots and individual boy shots.

Let me tell you, narrowing down my favorites is always so hard and this session was no different than all the rest… Just see for yourself!

Thank you L family for getting all ‘spiffy’ this morning for my visit!

**Be sure to scroll down for another post from today… “Little Cowboys!’

2 Responses to “Love my ‘L’ Family!”

  1. aesthetic_penpusher

    Your photography is absolutely amazing =] Keep em coming

  2. Sylvia

    Great job, once AGAIN!!! We had fun! Thank you!

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