3-for-1 Special!

Not really! But when I get to photograph my sweet nieces and nephew, it can seem like a 3 for 1 special… It’s hard to believe that 2 short years ago their mommy was in the hospital keeping them cooking for as long as possible and here they are now… Almost 2! We had a fun afternoon shoot this past weekend, heat and all! Many props to my hubby who came along to help–he’s pretty goofy, so we put him on ‘smile-duty’! Looks like it worked…

Big share, but how could I not share a lot when they’re this cute and they’re related to me… LOL! Plus with three… Well, you get the idea! Here ya go!

I hope you enjoy them. I couldn’t keep from smiling while editing these… Brought back memories of all we went through to get these smiles and expressions. I’m thinking we succeeded though! Thanks again!


3 Responses to “3-for-1 Special!”

  1. Amy

    Those are cute! I think I was laughing a lot in the pics because of your silly hubby! And my darn hair going curly… I can't wait to see the rest on the website.

  2. Amy

    And Tyler (and Hannah too) was sure hamming it up in these pics… that crazy smile!

    Beautiful shots for some beautiful babies if I do say so myself. 🙂 I can't believe my babies are almost two! Sniff sniff

  3. Jill Cornelius

    I know! Just wait until you see the rest… Especially the bubble ones! He was all over the place and then just the biggest grin. So funny!

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