So many smiles…

All my baby planners are growing up right before my eyes! I love watching them grow and seeing how big they are at each appointment, but then again, it means they’re growing up… Wah! Today, I went to see Miss K… She is 6 months old now. I’m sure you’ll recognize her, especially once you see her little Lamby. He makes an appearance at all her sessions to show how much she’s grown. I think it’s going to be so neat to have a montage of these shots at the end of her first year.

So onto our session…

We had to show of those pretty blues by wearing a blue dress!

There’s Mr. Lamby!

Full of smiles!

The next two are for daddy… Little Spurs Fan!

In her tutu that grandma made…

Baby bed…

This one was cute… She caught her reflection in the plexi-glass!

A couple more of Lamby.

And check out the chub–oh, I love it!

Princess in Purple…

Thank you S Family! Miss K was sweet as ever… She was so much fun today!

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  1. ThreeRingCircus

    She is absolutely precious!

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