A living doll…

I went to visit Miss A this past week and oh my goodness, has she grown and gotten even cuter! She was such a model newborn session and did just as well for her 3 month session… We put the little girlie through several outfit and bow changes! Just wait baby girl–one day you’ll be doing this on your own and mommy will tell you to stop changing clothes! I know because I did the same thing as a child and now I have a child that does it too. So funny!

Okay, well on to our sneak peek…

We had to get a pose like this… We got an awesome one at her newborn session with her eyes wide open, so it’s always neat to show similar poses as they grow.

The happy family… Well, minus the doggies–maybe one day!

Daddy’s girl!

Mommy & Me

She had to model some of her new dresses she had gotten…

Both polka dot!

Yes, that’s what little girls are made of…

Look at how strong she is!

I love this–smiling at mommy…

I love the eye contact!

Little growth item–her blankie with her name… You might remember it from her newborn session.

My FAV! I whipped up this tutu the day before our session after picking up this hat and flower in Canton a couple of weeks ago. Love her serious expression–too bad she did a nose dive right after this!

Thank you D family for having me photograph Miss Ava as she grows up–Can’t wait to see how big she’ll be at our next session! I’ll be in touch when your proofs are ready.

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  1. Nicole

    The picture in the purple is one of the most stunning photos I have ever seen. I think I'm going to have to get Emma a purple tutu and hat. Gorgeous!!!!!

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