The Sweet Shoppe!

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to photograph two special little kiddos. Big brother was turning 2 and little sister was turning 1. And yes, for those of you wondering, they are Irish Twins… Born just 1 year and 13 days apart. Whew! I feel for you momma!

Okay, so on to the party… It was such a cute idea that I had to make a post that consisted of just the party stuff… I’ll hopefully be back with a post that includes pics of the birthday boy and birthday girl in a day or two, but to tide you over, here is a bit of the party or should I say… ‘The Sweet Shoppe‘!

Oh and just because I love seeing my work in people’s homes… I had to snag a shot of how this one turned out… Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s actually a double frame instead of a mat. What a fantastic idea!

Thank you M Family for having me to the little party… I hope I was able to take a little weight off your shoulders by photographing the party. I’ll let you know when the rest are ready!

3 Responses to “The Sweet Shoppe!”

  1. Shayne

    Those have to be the cutest party favors ever! Love the party theme and beautiful photos that will truly capture the day for the family!

  2. Amy

    That was a very cute party theme. I definitely want to do something like that, that is gender neutral and colorful, bright and happy. I liked my western theme from last year but I want to do something completely different of course. Great shots, Jill!

  3. Amy

    Ok, after our conversation today, now I can tell what you were talking about in the double frame pic. That is a cool idea.

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