Memories that last a lifetime…

Have you ever thought of how to contain all the memories that are captured during a session? Well, wonder no longer! A photobook is the perfect way to have many, if not all the images contained in one place from your session. Or if you’re a baby planner, a way to capture several images from each of your sessions into a baby’s 1st year book.

I recently got a photobook for a client and let me tell you… It is beautiful. It is a hardcover book with the photo cover and then the pages are hinged, therefore they lay flat when the book is open.

Here are some shots of the book. We went with a basic design for this book, that way the images really popped. However, there are many design capabilities!

Let me tell you, these images do not do the book justice too… It is absolutely gorgeous. The feel and then the page thickness really make it a piece of art. Be sure to consider one from your next session or as a collaboration of that first year of sessions. An instant baby book!

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  1. Jill Cornelius


    I love the new photo book! I want one!!

    Amy Parks

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