Another baby planner is 3 months old!

All my baby planners are getting so big… I love having them and getting to see how much they’ve grown from session to session. This is Mr. L. He is a handsome little guy–very serious too! I find it hilarious how these little ones check my camera out–who knew at 3 months they’d be so alert and aware that someone is taking their picture! He’s another one of those baby boys with baby blues. Watch out mommy and daddy!

See… Right off the bat, he was checking out that big, black thing in front of my face!
He loved chewing on those fingers…

Check out that big boy!

See–there’s those eyes I was talking about!

And again!

Sweet mommy & me time…

Good kisses from daddy…
A family of 3!

Thank you R family… Mr. L was a champ… I’ll be in touch soon!

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