Meet Miss K–8 days old!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting my next baby planner. She is a patriotic baby–born on 4th of July! And let me tell you she is a petite little girl. So sweet! One of her grandmothers was there helping, which is always nice and then dad showed up a little later after church to join in on the fun. Oh and let me tell you, this family heard about me through some co-workers of mom’s and by the end of the session we realized that they attend one of my closest friend’s FIL’s church. Dad and friend’s hubby actually do some work together. Small world, huh?!

Okay, I’m sure you’re here to see pictures and not hear stories, so on to the good stuff.

Here she is!

I think this might be my favorite… love her little lips, tiny toes and booty in the air!

How adorable is this bow? Can’t you see her as she grows into it at each session–holding her head up, sitting up, standing and then walking!

We had to do something patriotic since she is a 4th of July baby.

Looking mighty tiny is daddy’s large hands.

Mommy lovin’!

The new family!

Thank you C Family! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek… I will be in touch soon when the rest of your proofs are ready!

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