No pressure Senior Stuff…

Earlier this week I met with several other photographers to photograph some models… I spent most of my time with one of the soon-to-be-seniors. She was a natural and gorgeous. Towards the end of the evening I got just a moment to photograph her best friend–also going to be a senior.

Here are some of my favorite shots…

Are you going to be a senior, know a senior or have a senior 2010? I’m looking for reps to photograph and spread the word for me this coming year. Contact me for info on discounted services and products if you end up being a rep. I’m targeting the Rockwall, Forney, Royse City, Caddo Mills and Greenville areas… However, if you’re from a surrounding area I didn’t mention, still contact me! I might still be interested.

3 Responses to “No pressure Senior Stuff…”

  1. The Gillaspie Family

    Ummmm….did you look like that when you were a senior? I sure didn't! I really look like every bit of '98 in my pics…posed by an American flag…sitting on a fake soda shop stool…peeking around a tree trunk…

  2. Jill Cornelius

    Nope! I even had the mottled funky colored backdrop in my pics… LOL!

  3. Lynette

    i have the camera…not the skills to edit. if you need help shooting and can show me some tricks….let me know.

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