4th of July Fun!

This past weekend was a good one… My first weekend in a while of no shoots and no editing. It’s good to take time off every once in a while! We started our weekend on Friday with the hubby taking the day off–he played golf with a friend, then a date night that evening with fun friends, Saturday was shopping for me with a friend, the evening spent doing 4th of July stuff with more fun friends and then we rounded off the weekend on Sunday with church and one more evening with friends and fireworks. Busy, busy, but always worth it!

I only got my camera out on Saturday evening, but I did document it, so here is a little bit of our fun times.

My trio!
Love all the little people anticipating the show!

This little guy (who isn’t so little) was such a big boy sitting so good in his chair!

Big man Caleb doing a sparkler with daddy’s help.

Miss Haidyn

Mr. A

My Maddie-Moo!

One of the older girls… Everyone was scared to give me eye contact in fear of not watching their sparklers!

Miss A

Little A

Yes, my husband is crazy! I don’t know how many sparklers he had, but I promise no one was nearby.

Some of the boys waiting for the finale!

I’d say I’d call this weekend a success… Time off with friends and family is always fun! Check back soon, baby planner session tomorrow morning so the sneak peek will be soon to follow.

2 Responses to “4th of July Fun!”

  1. Amy

    Looks like some fun times. The kids look cute as always. And, Kevin… well, no comment. 😉 j/k

  2. The Copeland Family

    Your kiddos are so cute! Love the first picture of the three of them. Glad you guys had a great fourth!

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