Almost time…

Earlier this week I got an update that a friend of mine was ‘super-close’ to having #4, so we decided we better get her maternity shoot done–now! LOL! If I remember correctly she didn’t have any maternity with the other kiddos, but wanted to go ahead since this would be the last opportunity.

First we started out with mom by herself.

Then we did individual pics with each boy. This is the baby, but not for much longer!

This is the middle child.

Then the big brother!

Mommy and Daddy–which I hear I have earned my points for getting this since Dad has a semi-phobia of baby in belly after watching a certain movie many years ago!

The family–one last time before they had another cutie to the group!

Mom and her little boys–we’ll know soon if they’re adding another boy or if they’ll get a little girl! They didn’t find out, so it’s going to be a surprise to everyone when the day is here.

Thank you L Family! I’ll be in touch… Can’t wait to meet and photograph the new L member!

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  1. Elizabeth

    Oh Mrs. L…you look absolutely beautiful! Great lookin’ bunch of men too! Another great round of photos by Master Photographer – JC-Originals! 🙂

  2. Angela

    Thanks, Elizabeth….Oh and Tony dosen’t have a little fear of bellies, this is the FIRST and ONLY time he has touched ANY of the kids while I was pregnant!! So glad you captured it on film. He said I am just lucky that “it” didn’t start moving around!!Can’t wait to see all the proofs.

  3. The Copeland Family

    Great pictures, Jill…good job! Angela, you look great!!

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