Computer Woes

Well, I’m writing to you from my old computer… The PC. My Mac (the computer with editing software)has been giving me issues since Friday. Every day is makes me do a hard shutdown, continually-all day long… It does it for a while and then it would let me use it later in the day. BUT today, it hasn’t let me use it all day. It makes me shut it down almost immediately after booting it up. I’ve tried to run MacJanitor, but it never gets to complete it because it shuts down.

I guess I’m going to have to take it to the Apple store, which stinks because we didn’t buy it brand new… So no warranty. Perfect timing… I still have two sessions to edit from this month and several that will be placing orders soon. Hopefully everyone understands and knows that I am doing what I can.

If anyone is a Mac expert and has some tips, I would be more than grateful!

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas Eve. We went to the service at church and it was great (as usual). We even got to see Jason Castro sing!

Well, if I don’t blog tomorrow, have a Very Merry Christmas! And remember the Reason for the Season!

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