Daily Archives: Monday, May 2, 2011

All the pretty babies…

Come to me! I’m telling you… I do–I get all the pretty (and handsome) babies. It’s such a blessing too because I love capturing these moments for families and what better to do than with pretty babies! Miss L is no exception… Her eyes, her mouth, all so perfect! Daddy, you better be prepared for… Read more »

Another gorgeous baby girl…

Miss TK!  She turned 4 months old recently, so it was time for the next session on her baby plan.  Baby girl was so good–especially considering she had just been diagnosed with the start of an ear infection.  BTDT that my kiddos–it’s not fun, but she really was quite the happy camper despite the circumstances…. Read more »

Mr. B, Mr. B!

Oh Mr. B… I’m a little behind on your sneak peek, but hopefully you understand! We had such a good time and then I got busy with life and other sessions–I promise I didn’t forget about you! Seriously, though! Mr. B–it was so fun seeing you the other day. I can’t believe you’re already one!… Read more »