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We were on a mission… We played with the wagon… We said, “Cheese”! We played ‘Hide & Seek’…We explored… We gave tiny smiles… And big smiles… We hung out… We struck a pose… And watched the sun set… All in all a good day! There’s more where those came from, but I thought I’d share… Read more »


So last week, I posted a spur of the moment model search… I have been seeing these wheat fields and kept telling my husband how I would love to do a sunset photoshoot at one of the locations we had seen it at… Well, I almost waited too long because daily after posting my request,… Read more »

Mr. D is 3 months old…

And I promise you–he has to have tripled in size! Or at least length. I can’t get over how long her is now. Wow! He was a little trooper… He was so excited, showing up his little voice and then one he was ready for his paci, he just made himself comfy on my blanket… Read more »

And the rest… (Part 2 of 2)!

This is Mr. H’s sister. She was an absolute doll! Her birthday is actually coming up really soon and I can’t believe that she’s only going to be 3. She was very cooperative for her age and also so tall! I couldn’t believe it. I think I made a new friend too! She gave me… Read more »

Gonna be a lot… (Part 1 of 2)!

Yesterday, I met Miss S and her baby brother Mr. H. What a sweet little girl and baby brother! We did a combo shoot–her 3 year shoot and his almost 4 month shoot. He’s my latest baby planner (even though they didn’t find me for his newborns), we’re going to pick up here and finish… Read more »

Mr. Smiley is ONE!

I met him on Memorial Day of 2009. He started out like this and was the smiliest newborn yet… He even got two blog posts here and here. He continued to be all smiles at his 3 months, 6 months and even 9 months! And here we are a year later almost to the day…. Read more »

Twice the FUN!

Saturday I got to drive the country to photograph two beauties on their mommy’s family ranch. It’s always neat seeing new places–and this place was no exception. Lots and lots of acres of growing hay, old barn, ponds, cattle, etc. So pretty too! Miss A… Miss M…Love this series! These are the ‘Twin’ trees… It’s… Read more »