Monthly Archives: September 2009

Caleb’s 1st day of MDO…

Today, my baby went to ‘school’… He started MDO and was so brave. Me on the other hand… I was a ball of nerves driving up to the church. He’s my baby, my only boy and the only child that has stayed home with me from the get-go. He was so excited though! Well, until… Read more »

I love babies… L-O-V-E babies!

I really do… They are my longest and usually dirtiest sessions, but I love them. I love getting to hold them, soothe them, mold them into adorable little poses and then seeing the outcome once I’m done. Every bit of it is worth the result. Meet Mr. C. He is my latest baby planner–coming into… Read more »

Mr. Smiley is 3 months old…

Remember the smiling newborn? I did a whole post on just his smiles… Well, he turned 3 months old and you know what that means… I got to photograph him again! Woo-hoo. Let me tell you–he is just as cute! And a little roly-poly at that. I just wanted to squeeze his little legs (in… Read more »