Monthly Archives: July 2008

Under Construction…

Just thought I’d let you know that I’m working on the blog… I noticed that it was loading pretty slow for me and then someone else mentioned it to me, so I’m working on compressing my files. Which means I have to open each picture in Photoshop and re-save them, change the compression, load them… Read more »

Not just cruising… **UPDATED w/a pic**

Just a quick post to document that the Little Man is not just cruising on the furniture anymore… Yep… that’s right, he took his first steps yesterday at his Aunt Amy and Uncle Craig’s house (the triplets house)! No pics to document yet, but hopefully I’ll catch him in action soon. He’d still much rather… Read more »

Mr. B is Back!

Mr. B was back today for a quick session and a birthday invite design. He’s going to be ONE soon! He was so excited to see me… Can you tell?? We got several shots of him for his invite. He was a great little model. It’s amazing that I get these shots in my measly… Read more »

Under-exposed and Unhappy!

Little man was not happy this evening… I had just taken some pics off my camera and was trying to put it back in the bag and he was not having my non-attentive state to his needs. I didn’t want to miss his adorable little pouty face, so I started snapping away. I realized I… Read more »


Here are two options for Miss S and Miss K’s mom to choose from for the design she wanted created. Let me know if you’d like any changes! Both of these are created as 5×7’s.

Snappin’ Away…

Yep, here are just some snaps I’ve taken the last week or so… Sometimes I don’t want to piddle around with my settings (because it’s just a snapshot opportunity) so I just stick my camera in auto and snap a few. So here’s just a little bit of what we’ve been doing lately! Splash Park…… Read more »