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Beautiful Baby B || Baby Photographer, Dallas Arboretum

Miss B is 3 months!  Most 3 month old sessions can be a little challenging…  But–Miss B, rocked her session.  Maybe big brother and sister taught her their secrets and let her know that it was fun to take pics with Miss Jill.  I promise you, she is a living doll.  Perfect skin, blue eyes… Read more »

Miracle Boy || Baby Photographer, Bishop Arts District

You might recognize this little guy–he was on the blog recently with his family, but this session was dedicated just to him…  You know, he’s 6 months old now, so we had to document that.  Let me tell you, you would never guess he was an itty bitty baby that was born just a tad… Read more »

Mini for another H Family! || Family Photographer, Bishop Arts District

This was my first time meeting Miss S, but I’ve known her momma as long as she’s been alive–you see, she’s my cousin.  So that makes Miss S my 2nd cousin!  Isn’t she just precious?  She was such a happy little camper, congrats J & R…  She’s a doll baby!

Baby Season! || Newborn Photographer, Dallas, TX

This little guy almost shared the same birthday with the little one I posted just before this…  They were born one day apart and almost the same size!  This little guy has a big sister that is such a great helper.  She was so fun!  Little Man T had to go back to the hospital… Read more »

What a face! || Newborn Photographer, Dallas, TX

Just wait until you see this face…  This little guy happens to share a birthday with my hubby!  How fun is that?  And that blonde hair–so sweet and soft!  Reminded me of mine when they were newbies–just a tad bit of peach fuzz.  Momma was a tad worried we wouldn’t get anything…  Well, I have… Read more »

One Month is Still “New” || Newborn Photographer, Dallas, TX

Meet Miss C.  Her daddy contacted me recently to let me know that he had a new princess in his life and she was a month old.  You see her big sister was a baby planner too and thankfully I was able to move some stuff around and get over to see them asap!  She… Read more »

Squishy! || Newborn Photographer, Plano, TX

Meet Mr. Z!  Perfection in an almost 9 lb little body born just a little more than a week before I met him.  His big brother is a JC Baby Planner graduate and he is taking his job so well…  I almost forgot he is only 3.  Little Man Z was such a sweet little… Read more »

Meet the R Family! || Family Photographer, Parker, TX

If you follow me on my Facebook page, you caught a glimpse of the R Family as I was getting sneak peek pics ready…  If not, get ready for some adorable kids and gorgeous parents!  Big sister has the most gorgeous hair and super sweet, big brother did amazingly well for his age and baby… Read more »

Coming Soon! || Maternity Photographer, Rockwall, TX

Big Sister status coming soon!  Baby brother will be here by the end of this month and I cannot wait to meet him…  Seriously–look at his family!  He’s bound to be gorgeous.  The W Family and I enjoyed probably one of the busiest days I have seen at this location–it was homecoming and there were… Read more »

Babies & Bowties || Baby Photographer, Dallas Arboretum

Mr. P came prepared…  You see, he’s quite the dapper little gentleman and he’s already sporting the latest duds, so the bowtie was just the icing on the cake.  And I love the Arboretum this time of year, so it was perfect.  Family shots, big boy shots and some pumpkin shots–perfection!  Enjoyed it M Family! … Read more »